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About Maria Lizi

A Patent Expert and Invention Coach, Maria holds 10 years of experience in teaching, mentoring and consulting in the patent industry. Her expertise has a broad reach around the globe. Her journey started with one idea in 2012. She didn’t know anything about inventions or patents. She did some research and found a great mentor who has been training her in this industry for almost a decade. She learned how to write and file her own patent, and since then, she has created many more inventions, filed numerous patents, become a granted patented inventor in multiple countries, and has also secured a number of licensing deals. From all of the success achieved, others began asking for help with their ideas and that is how MES & Co (now Stroud Innovation) was born.

As an IP and patent expert coach, she has acquired a long list of credentials such as:


• Successful Patented Inventor: 20+ patents in multiple countries, 6 invented, 10 total products

• Patent Expert/Invention Coach

• Michigan Inventors Ambassador

• Michigan Chronicle Top 40 Under 40 2019

• USPTO honoree for Black History Month

• Mentor

• Who’s Who Black In Detroit Honoree

• Human Resource Professional

• Global Intellectual Property Speaker 


She is also passionate about helping women and minority inventors develop products from concept to market, having worked in this field for so long and seeing the small percentage of inventors and people with knowledge of IP and patent law.

The main problem Maria tries to solve is that inventors and their partners are often more administrative people, and understanding the patent and invention protection process is not an easy task. With a decade of experience learning from some of the most respected mentors in the patent, invention, and licensing industry, Maria now helps other inventors through the process of securing their own patents and licenses for their inventions.

All the groundwork is already done and ready for you to experience the patent process through research, workshops, mentoring, and courses. All you need to do is get in touch with Stroud Innovation and know that you are in good hands.

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