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What Is Stroud Innovation?


At STROUD Innovation, we know that as an inventor you need to focus on what you do best. Our job is to help you protect your innovative ideas and inventions from an array of services and resources we provide. That is what we do best. We provide patent and inventor services to assist inventors, innovators, and businesses on their invention journey.

Some of our services include:


Idea Research Reports


Patent Services


Product Marketing


Product Development



Why STROUD Innovation?

We help the underrepresented inventors bring new innovation to market without the fear of being taken advantage of, or their ideas being stolen, and provide affordable inventor resources. We are transparent with our entire process and you have the access to deal directly with experts within the patent industry that are trained to help you with your idea or invention. You will receive full access to our exceptional hands-on, management team.  We follow the process meticulously to ensure you have protection for your idea or invention every step of the way. We are here to answer all of your questions, and we are dedicated to our client's success. Our greatest joy comes from seeing a successful brand and product on the market. Your success is our success. 

What can STROUD Innovation do for you?

We assist with your patent and invention journey from concept to market, so we can save you time & money and give you a piece of mind.


Our services include:

Idea Research Reports

Patent Services

Product Marketing

Patent and Invention Education Resources

Prototype Development and Manufacturing

Licensing & Distribution

Based on our expertise...

Here at STROUD Innovation we have proprietary services, systems, and processes that help inventors like you, from concept to market and access your piece of the $2931 billion IP market opportunity. Our expert team is comprised of experienced and driven individuals that are global IP experts, successful patent inventors, manufacturer liaisons, industrial engineer designers, electrical engineers, STEM and patent specialists, international IP agents, multi-million inventor advisors, and social media managers. We’re here to get to know your business or idea so we can ensure you are protected in the industry and industry you represent.

The Inventor Process

Now that you have a great idea, what is the process of getting a patent? This process does not allow for any shortcuts, but protecting your idea is the most critical aspect of inventions and innovations. Below is our 4 Phase Process that allows you to have an understanding of all the aspects of the invention process: 


Inventor Learning

-Invention Consulting
-Patent Course
-Idea Research Report


 Patent Services

-Patent Drawings
-Provisional Patent
-Utility Patent
-Design Patent


Product Marketing

-Product Sell Sheet
-Product Explainer Video
-Licensing Coaching


Product Development

-Concept Design
-CAD Design
-3D Prototype
-Final Product


Who Is Maria Lizi Stroud?

A Patent Expert and Invention Coach, Maria has over 10 years of experience in teaching, mentoring, and consulting in the patent industry. Her expertise has a broad reach around the globe. Her journey started with one idea in 2012. She didn’t know anything about inventions or patents. She did some research and found a great mentor who has been training her in this industry for almost a decade. She learned how to write and file her own patent, and since then, she has created many more inventions, filed numerous patents, become a granted patented inventor in multiple countries, and has also secured a number of licensing deals. From all of the success achieved, others began asking for help with their ideas. That is how MES & Co started and now Stroud Innovation is born. As an IP and patent expert coach, she has acquired a long list of credentials such as:

• Successful Patented Inventor: 20+ patents in multiple countries, 6 invented, 10 total products

• Patent Expert/Invention Coach

• Michigan Inventors Ambassador

• Michigan Chronicle Top 40 Under 40 2019

• USPTO honoree for Black History Month

• Mentor

• Who’s Who Black In Detroit Honoree

• Human Resource Professional

• Global Intellectual Property Speaker 


She is also passionate about helping women and minority inventors develop products from concept to market, having worked in this field for so long and seeing the small percentage of inventors and people with knowledge of IP and patent law.

Business Colleagues
Business Colleagues

Invention Coach Videos

What is an Idea Research Report?! 
How To Make Money From Your Idea in 5 Steps

What Our Clients Say About Us

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“I was put in touch with Maria Lizi Stroud, she was direct and made the process so simple & easy.”

"During this time in my life, I do not have much interest in investigation and situations that are trying, so when I had an idea for an application, I just kind of left it alone because I didn’t want to try to learn anything new and too complicated. I’m 63 and she left me with not an ounce of stress. Very thankful for the hand-holding technique Maria Lizi took to make sure that my idea came to life and now I am Patent-Pending."


Wayne County Sheriff- Inventor/Satisfied Client

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42211 Garfield Rd Clinton Twp, MI 48038

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