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Inventor Phase 2:
Patent Drafting


$1500 & Up


1. Patentability Search - A comprehensive research to prove novelty of each element of your invention. Identify novel elements of your invention with extensive patent and non-patent literature search. This will not only increase the likelihood of your success in prosecution. 


2. Specification and Claim Drafting -  The claims are the legally operative part of a patent application. You can receive maximum 20 claims and specifications covering all embodiments of your invention.


3. Preparation of all relevant forms - We will help you prepare the following forms for your application

  • Utility patent application  transmittal  form – Provides a list of the elements of a patent application and must be completed and signed by the applicant if submitted with the application

  • Fee transmittal form  Form used to identify the fees that are being submitted with the patent application

  • Application data sheet – Form that lists bibliographic data including inventor information, applicant information , correspondence address, application, domestic benefit, foreign priority, and assignee information.

  • Small and micro entity status – Applicants who have small or micro entity status discounts on certain fees, which is based on criteria such as company size and income level.

  • Inventor’s Oath or Declaration

  • Information Disclosure form -  Provides a list of relevant patent applications or patents we retrieve during patent search. 

4. Filing online on EFS web 

  • This does not include the filing with the USPTO. You may file what we provide or we can assist with the filing service I provide based on either Micro or Small Entity status.

There are no refunds on this service. The services will be completed and delivery will be made in three weeks from date of receipt of payment and signed agreement from you.

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