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Phase 1: Inventor Learning

Idea Research Report


Idea research report

This idea research report is about 20-40 pages long of thorough research to help gain a better understanding of your idea. It includes information for your product such as- the market, the financial analysis, other patents comparable to your idea, other products comparable to your idea, explains the problem & solution your product solves, shows statistics & data of your idea, shows any pertinent articles relating to your idea and give you next steps for your idea. 


This is the business plan to your idea, giving you a full research report to understand your product fully and help provide the next steps to your invention Journey. First we both sign a NDA that protects your idea, then a 1 hour zoom video call for the research intake questions and final delivery in 4-6 weeks. 


Give us a call, me & my team will explain the process, answer any questions, and advise the next steps for your ideal and/or patent. Let’s Chat!


There are no refunds on this service.

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