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Inventor Phase 3:
Product Marketing

Licensing Coaching



Inventors often come up with great ideas but the only thing they know to do is getting protected with a patent. They lack the knowledge or expertise in what to do with their idea after they have filed a patent which ends up never making it to market or they don’t make any money. 


This Licensing Coaching Program will walk you through step by step on how to proceed in your Invention Journey from concept to market. From research, to protect with a patent, marketing materials needed to then approach a company or investor for a Licensing deal.

  • Online Guided 10-Step Workbook

  • Three 1 Hour Coaching Sessions

  • Sample Licensing Agreements 

  • Sample Marketing Material 

  • Provisional Patent Application Samples 

  • Sample Email Templates for Contacting Licensees

There are no refunds on this service.

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