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Maria Lizi

MES & Co

M.E.S & Company was started in 2019, By Maria Elizabeth Stroud and M.E.S is her initial which spells Mess so our motto is "Turn my Mess into My Message!" now we have rebranded the company to STROUD Innovation TM

Mes & Co. to help the underrepresented change statistics, close the diversity gap by providing affordable inventor services that helps inventors from concept to market. 

Those services include: 
1. Research
2. Patent & Trademark
3. Prototype & Manufacturing
4. Product Marketing
5. Licensing & Investment 


The 1st black woman-owned full-service patent & invention company who has successfully helped the underrepresented inventors become Granted Patent Holders, begin closing the diversity gap, create prototypes & products, and remove inventor's fear of being taken advantage of, their ideas being stolen, and the loss of lots of money with nothing to show for it.

Business Meeting

What Is STROUD Innovation?

Stroud Innovation

At STROUD Innovation, we know that as an inventor you need to focus on what you do best. Our job is to help you protect your innovative ideas and inventions from an array of services and resources we provide. That is what we do best. We provide patent and inventor services to assist inventors, innovators, and businesses on their invention journey.

Some of our services include:

STROUD Innovation

Product Development

STROUD Innovation Licensing


STROUD Innovation Product management

Product Marketing

STROUD Innovation Patent Services
STROUD Innovation Research report

Services & Trademark

Idea Research Reports


The Inventor Process

Now that you have a great idea, what is the process of getting a patent? This process does not allow for any shortcuts, but protecting your idea is the most critical aspect of inventions and innovations. Below is our 4 Phase Process that allows you to have an understanding of all the aspects of the invention process: 

PHASE 1: Inventor Learning

-Invention Consulting
-Patent Course
-Idea Research Report

PHASE 2: Patent Process

- Patent Drawings
- Provisional Patent
- Utility Patent
- Design Patent

- Trademark

PHASE 3: Product Licensing

-Product Sell Sheet
-Product Explainer Video
-Licensing Coaching

PHASE 4: Product Design Development

-Concept Design
-CAD Design
-3D Prototype
-Final Product

Business Discussion

What is an Idea Research Report?!

How To Make Money From Your Idea in 5 Steps

Our Clients Say

“I was put in touch with Maria Lizi Stroud, she was direct and made the process so simple & easy.”
"During this time in my life, I do not have much interest in investigation and situations that are trying, so when I had an idea for an application, I just kind of left it alone because I didn’t want to try to learn anything new and too complicated. I’m 63 and she left me with not an ounce of stress. Very thankful for the hand-holding technique Maria Lizi took to make sure that my idea came to life and now I am Patent-Pending."


Wayne County Sheriff- Inventor/Satisfied Client

Mes and Co Client 10
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